World Book Day

Come and see the characters we dressed up as from our favourite books.
The children had a cat walk to parade their amazing costumes.
Which character can you spot? Do you know which story they come from? Let us know.

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Wow snow in March!
We went to experience the snowflakes in the Nursery garden. We felt the snow, we made footprints and watched it melt in our hands. We heard the snow crunch under our feet and squelch out from under our wellies.
Come and tell us what you like about the snow.

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3D shapes

Amongst world book day the children in maths have been learning to not only name simple 3D shapes but identify their properties.
Come and see our models we made with our friends using 3D shapes. Can you spot the church, house, building and station?
Can you find any cuboid shapes in your house? Let me know.

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Last week we were looking at capacity. The children had great fun in the water tray. They were learning to estimate how many cups of water would fill various containers. They were checking their estimations whilst engaging with the language of capacity.
Can you estimate how many cups of water the kettle at home can contain?

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International Day in Reception 1

As part of International Day at Brookburn, Reception 1 and 2 followed a recipe and made spinach curry. All of the children were little cooks and chopped the vegetables. At the end we tasted the spinach curry with Indian nan bread.
Let us know which is your favourite dish from around the world?

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Chinese New Year

Reception 1 celebrated Chinese New Year in the classroom. We built the Great Wall of China. We made model dragons and money bags. The children had an opportunity to attempt some traditional Chinese writing and look at numbers in Chinese. One of the most favourite was having a Chinese banquet using chopsticks!

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Pancake Day

In Reception 1 and 2 we made pancakes in the classroom. It was part of our Literacy lesson in which we followed a recipe. We were all very excited watching the pancakes being tossed. We got to taste the pancakes and choose our fillings.
In the afternoon we decorated a paper pancake and had pancake races. Come and see.

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Art week

For Art week Reception 1 weaved flying magic carpets for Aladdin in our fairy tale topic. The children throughly enjoyed it and were amazing with the weaving and even more incredible with the intricate tassels they made by making loops.
Come and see.

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